Buku Tiga Lima … An Even Quirkier Version of Burps & Giggles?

Shades of the Past

By now, if you haven’t heard of Burps & Giggles in Ipoh, then you probably should read up on that review first. Will save me a lot of effort in relaying the story behind this extension of a project named “Buku Tiga Lima”; literally translated to Triple 5 Book. That iconic small booklet with the numbers “555″ emblazoned across its cover and origin dating back to our grandfather days.

Do you remember the times when there were no ring-bound notebooks, smartphones or tablets to assist one in jotting down notes?

Buku Tiga Lima @ Ipoh Old Town

Ladies and gentlemen, let me entice you with a visual feast (lazy to write a lot lah …. CNY ma!) of shots taken at Buku Tiga Lima and Burps & Giggles; at the same time revealing the new menu that extends beyond the gourmet burgers B&G’s well-known for …

Marilyn Monroe Mural & To The Pool

The murals of Marilyn Monroe and Ladies-on-Swings will definitely...

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