Star Chef Restaurant in Gelang Patah (near Legoland) in Johor, Malaysia

Alex the boss of Star Chef restaurant in Gelang Patah (near Legoland) invited me to visit his family's seafood farm in Pontian which supplies his restaurant. The seafood farm in Pontian uses sea water with modern machinery and technology to rear wild caught crabs and lobsters, and fish.

The cement vats for crabs


Star Chef restaurant is only about 20 minutes drive from their seafood farm, so only adequate stock of crabs are brought daily to the restaurant. Additional stock of crabs will be brought to the restaurant only when the stock runs low. In this way, only the freshest crabs are served at Star Chef restaurant.

No wonder when I went to Star Chef restaurant in Gelang Patah, I did not find piles of forlorn, tired looking crabs, that I often saw at seafood restaurants.


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